Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From Formspring: Don't you feel like Dragon books are an archaic medium? Wouldn't you instead want to make your main character/dragon a mysterious brooding sort who has shunned drinking human blood and has befriended an average, awkward girl?

You make a valid point. Vampires have only been around culturally for the last nine-hundred years or so, whereas stories about dragons predate pottery. So, comparatively, vampires are a fresher medium by about an eon.

Regardless, you are certainly correct: the love between an out-of-sorts teenage girl and a self-loathing vampire is an under-explored theme in contemporary literature. If only more people were willing to write vampire-in-love-with-teenager love stories...

But, I'm far from a I think I'll just stick to the dragons, if for no other reason that the kick way more ass than vampires.

Also, there ARE vampires in my books...and not the cute, cuddly sparkle-motion vampires that seem to have become popular these days. The vamps in my books are criminals and monsters who prey on children. They are frightening and dangerous...but they tend to get smashed to pieces by the dragons or shot in the head a lot. Because, let's face it: dragon verses vampire = dragon wins. Verses thirty vampires...

Dragon wins.
PS: Thanks for the best question all month, Spearman