Monday, November 1, 2010

Assorted Formspring Questions pt. 5

What's up, people? Formspring questions for the P-man are at an all time low. Come on! You need to ask me this stuff before I get too famous or busy to mess with it...which will be soon. I hope.

How is the publishing coming? How do you deal with the waiting? Any prospects?
Slower than usual, but I’m taking it in stride and playing a lot of Halo: Reach and Fallout 3 to pass the time. I’m also thinking of becoming a gunsmith. I figure even if I never had to use it as a career, it’s something I would enjoy doing as a hobby. As far as prospects go, there are several really kick ass publishers who’ve been holding on to my manuscript since March. I suspect they are waiting until the beginning of the year to make an offer, when they have more money.

There are fires that burn so hot that if water is used on them they'll break it up into hydrogen & oxygen, both of which are flammable. Can a dragon's breath weapon (if it's fire) burn that hot? If so, couldn't they catch the whole ocean on fire? 
Probably not. Most dragons aren’t immune to their own breath weapon. It’s difficult to believe that a dragon would be able to produce a fire that hot without it injuring or killing them in the process. Even if they could, it’s unlikely that even a very old, very powerful dragon would be able to produce enough fire to set the entire ocean ablaze.

Who would win in a fight between Airwolf & Superforce?

Airwolf. Easily. He can fly. Superforce couldn't fly. And his force-field wouldn't protect him against the concussive blast of an air-to-ground missile.

Has anyone ever said TL;DR to you? It's annoying isn't it?

I don't have any idea what that is.

Who would win in a fight between Dr Thunder & Dr Pepper?

They are both doctors, so it's easy to think this might be a fair match-up. But, it isn't. Thunder is far more powerful than pepper.

И помяните нас все плывущие В сих концах моря-океана

You're probably letting up on the clutch too slow.

Have you ever had trouble finding something online that you know you'd found before & that just made you even more angry so you spent even more time looking it up?

Yeah, I've been looking for this video of Jana Cove and some brunette getting it on in a bedroom for like a year and I still haven't found it. If you see it, let me know. I have someone I want to share it with.

You got to meet Thomas Warrior in person? What was he like?

He was a very cordial host. Soft spoken but not timid, highly intelligent without being haughty…of course, I expected most of that from my conversations with him online. I did kind of expect him to be taller…I guess since I’ve been listening to him since I was a wee boy I always envisioned him as this huge, imposing figure: Thomas Warrior! And when he’s on stage, his stage presence makes up for it and he becomes exactly that. But up until his set and even moments after, he was quite amiable and pleasant. He introduced me to the rest of the band and some of the other musicians as a “writer” and “friend.” It was an amazing honor to be called friend by someone who has been so influential not just in music, but in my writing as well.  I have a blog coming up where I discuss this in greater detail—and post pictures. Stay tuned for that.

Hey, I'm asking for a new handgun for Christmas. Suggestions please?
You know me...I want something badass. I'm used to something with a bit of weight to it.
Kick is not an issue either, I've got a lot of upper body strength.
Thanks, loves ya. :)
(note: all right, this wasn’t a Formspring question. This was something my agent asked on my Facebook page, solidifying her position to me as the greatest literary agent ever)

I recommend buying from a local shop (if you can find a gun store in Texas…lol!) bit if you decide to order online, I’ve never had a bad experience with or heard a bad word about Bud’s Gun Shop. Ordering firearms online is relatively painless, you just need to have it delivered to an FFL in your area…which in Texas you probably have five on your street alone.

If you're looking for an automatic, I have three choices for you:

The FN Herstal 45 is a practical choice. Simple to use, with the SA/DA option, and made by one of t...he finest firearms manufacturers in the world. Also, for .45 ACP, the magazine capacity is unmatched.

If you want something a little more fun, the P-1911 is a classic Colt 1911A1 manufactured by Taurus with a lot of nice extras. They come in less flashy versions, if chrome and gold isn't your thing. Taurus is a good choice, too. They have an absolute lifetime warranty on every firearm they produce. However, you must be the original owner, which reduces the resale value a bit but still, it’s worth it to know if something ever goes wrong with your gun, Taurus will fix it. Free.

But if you just want power...I mean, POWER, sheer, unbridled automatic power: The EEA Witness Elite combines competition-grade accuracy with a disturbing 15+1 shots of ridiculously over-powered 10mm...a round so powerful the FBI switched to .40 S&W because their agents couldn't handle it. The SORD agents in my books carry Glock 20s in 10mm, as does Luke's assassin Vain from The Dark Path. It makes bang big.

But, I like revolvers. They are dependable, capable of firing higher powered rounds, and (in my opinion) more accurate. Unfortunately, the capability of the revolver to handle more powerful loads sometimes leads to people buying IDIOTICALLY over-powered revolvers. Anything .44 Magnum or higher is better left on the shelf unless you're going fishing near bears.

To that end, I humbly offer the following suggestions:

The Taurus 627 is a remarkable hand-cannon. 7 rounds of what is, in my opinion, the best hand-gun cartridge ever made: the .357 Magnum. For target practice fun, any revolver in .357 Magnum can also fire its parent cartridge, the ubiquitous .38 Special. The barrel porting dramatically increases the accuracy of follow-up shots.

It's sensible choice, but even MORE fun is this. It's a Smith & Wesson. That's all. I like wood grips, too.

However, if you're in a really fun mood and asking me what kind of gun I'd buy right now if I could buy any gun I wanted...

Because I'm a fucking cowboy. The single action revolver can handle a more powerful load than a double action, and it eliminates the temptation to fire on double-action—thus reducing accuracy. It’s a beast, but it’s a tamable one. And it’s beautiful. The one I want to get would come close to $8000 with the options I want, but it’s as much a work of art as it is a firearm.