Monday, December 6, 2010

Downloadable Playlist of my Writing Music

I was up pretty early this morning (midnight on) and I spent most of that time writing. I also discovered the iMix feature in my iTunes, so I have another way of sharing the music I listen to while I write--besides my live twitter feed. This way, not only can you see what I'm listening to, but you can sample and buy it as wel--through iTunes. This one is only a little over 3 hours long, has four pages for you to scroll through, and was created completely at random by the program on shuffle. These songs are in the exact order in which they were listened.

I'll try to do more of this when I write. Oh, and before you ask: no, I make absolutely no money whatsoever off of this. I checked. It's purely for fun. So, enjoy if you want. Thanks, everyone!