Friday, April 1, 2011

From Formspring: April Fools Day

Have you ever pull an April Fool's prank on anyone?

Yeah, there was this girl in high school I had a crush on. My freshman year, she gave me a love letter on April 1st telling me she loved me and wanted to dump her boyfriend--who was an older guy already out of high school--to start dating me. Then she ended the letter with April Fools Day. It was great fun!

So, the next year I found her in the hall and told her that her boyfriend was in the school parking lot and he needed to see her was an emergency and he looked PISSED!

She ran so fast she dropped all her books, tore her dress and fell and scuffed up her knees. When she reached the parking lot and found he was nowhere in sight, I said, "I guess you missed him and he got tired of waiting!" And she said, "Why? Did he say he would leave?" and I said "Yeah, he said if you didn't get here like NOW he wasn't going to ever talk to you again." This was back before everyone had cell phones so she ran inside--well, limped more like it--and got to the pay phone and called his house over and over and over until his mom yelled at her and made her cry again. When she finally got him on the phone, he said he had no idea what she was talking about. I was standing a few feet away and started laughing at her and shouted "April Fools!"

Then I shot her.