Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Praise Tiamat Promotional Products Preview...

These are just a few of the designs I'll be launching as part of my latest shameless promotion attempt. They will come in a variety of colors (most of them look best on black), sizes and designs, all available for reasonable prices through I've set it so that I make barely any money off these, as the real goal is to promote the soon-to-be-launched website,, which will redirect to my official website and the excerpt from my novel.

Hope you're all as excited about this as I am! I'm really looking forward to getting this going! The shirts should be available in a couple of days, as soon as the is done pinging all over the world and it redirects accurately. In addition to the shirts, you can also get hats, bumper stickers, clocks and (for some reason) baby clothes and an apron. Whatever. Just as long as people are buying and wearing the T-shirts, I'll be happy.

I'll post an announcement and a link as soon as these are ready to ship!