Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Soundtrack for The Shadow of Tiamat

The publicist at my publisher suggested this as a promotional tool. She wanted us to make a playlist of songs that we feel in some way relate to the book. Either these were songs we listened to while writing it, or songs that make us think of the book or it's characters. I think this is a great idea! I always listen to music when I write. So I made the playlist for the book. This playlist has already been posted on the book profile page at my publisher's website.

And here it is now, for this blog.

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You'll likely notice that some of these songs are by people I know. Ross Gipson is my best friend of over a decade, and his song Wounded Town is about the tornado that destroyed a 4th of Joplin...which is also where the first book is set. Ross was living with us at the time, and we spent the tornado huddled in the bathroom with our cats and a radio. You should also pick up a copy of Salmon Dave
while you're at it.  Me Like Bees is a band mentioned in the first book, on a t-shirt worn by one of Meg's brothers. Their track Devil's Song is on this list from their Me Like Bees EP is available from Amazon. You'll also notice that one of the tracks is by a band called Tiamat. They are in no way related to my book, nor is the book related to them. They are both derived from the ancient deity of the same name.

While some of these songs weren't around when I wrote The Shadow of Tiamat, they are indicative of the kind of music I usually listened to while writing it. So, that will give you some idea of how the book "sounds" to me. In particular, the very first track was a song I heard not all that long ago and thought it fit Meg perfectly. Hopefully you'll think so too, once you've read the book.

Which, if you haven't yet....