Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is There a Book Before MOTH by Sean T. Poindexter?

In reviewing my website/blog statistics, I've found that this was one of the queries that led people to my website, as seen here...

Obviously, this search was launched by an individual who read MOTH and was interested reading any books the proceeded it. This blog is for you, and for anyone else who might have this same question.

First off, let express my gratitude at your reading of MOTH. It's one of the most wonderful feelings a writer can experience, if not the greatest, to find out someone enjoyed their work. So, from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU.

Now, to the question at hand...

MOTH is the first book in a series of paranormal mysteries following social worker and Prius enthusiast Max Hollingsworth. Max was introduced in the first book of The Dragon's Blood Chronicles, The Shadow of Tiamatwhere he was one of Meg's coworkers/supervisor. He had a rather small part in that book, but a substantial one. He is one of the main influences that convinces Meg that her relationship with Garrett is worth having. Max has a larger role in the second book in that series, The Will of the Darkest One. In that book, we are also introduced to a few characters who follow Max into his own series. Namely, we meet Max's nemesis, the crippled vampire Moonshadow.

The events in MOTH take place after most of the events in The Will of the Darkest One. The events in Darkest One span a little over a year, starting in late spring and ending in the second following summer. MOTH, conversely, takes place in the winter of that same year, though it only spans about two weeks. If you were to splice MOTH into Darkest One, it would fit right after Meg and Garrett attend Thanksgiving dinner at her parents house.

If that sounds confusing, just remember that you do not have to have read any of the Dragon's Blood books to understand what's going on in MOTH. The books are meant to be separate series and while there is some crossover between them, it isn't essential that you read both. However, if you DO, you'll be treated to more insight into Max's character, his relationship with the supernatural and otherworldly, and get to find out why Moonshadow and Max hate each other so much. Also, there are characters introduced in Max's book who will appear later in The Dragon's Blood Chronicles. But again, you don't have to have met them in Max's book in order to know who they are when they are re-introduced in The Dragon's Blood Chronicles.

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