Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm in the process of moving my blog from myspace to Blogger. This is the same blog I posted yesterday, 4/3/2009, on myspace. I'll continue posting both places, until the blog is transferred over.

Hey, friends! Lots of excitement! Got some good news from my agent today...which I can't really talk much about except to say some fine publishers have requested more of my manuscript for review. I can't say which ones, but I can say this: they are good ones. Really good ones.

I'm understating my elation: when Cari told me the news, I backflipped into a wall. That's okay, I can fix the wall.

So, we're all pretty happy about that.

In other news, the following other things are happening that make me very happy:

1. The Hills is going off the air. Television will get just a little less stupid.

2. My friend (and possibly cousin or something) Larry Poindexter has a guest spot on Supernatural starting April 8th:

That's him playing the priest there. Go kick some ass, Larry!

3. After six years, Danzig will release a new album in June! He will also tour. I'll see you there, Mr. Danzig.

4. Obama's health care reform passed. I know, some of you aren't happy about it, because you think it's a big socialist takeover of medicine. It isn't. Trust me...I WANT a big socialist takeover of medicine. I VOTED for a big socialist takeover of medicine. That isn't what we got. We actually got a much more moderate, pro-free-market plan. It is not socialist. Not in the least. Need proof? Here is an article from the International Socialist Party, the hub of all liberal socialist movements world-wide, complaining about how conservative and non-socialist Obama's health care reform is. IF you really are terrified of socialism in America, you really don't have any room to be scared until these guys are happy.

5. Stargate: Universe is back. Yeah, that's right. I know it's kind of like Battlestar:Gallactica, except minus the trite dialog, unlikable character, overacting, misplaced aggression, meandering plotlines, convoluted backstories, ham-fisted political allegories, redundant sermonizing, inexplicable 1940 War-era motif...okay, I guess it isn't anything like Battlestar:Overactica afterall. Whatever. Stargate is a superior franchise.

6. Kick-Ass.

7. Starting to play Shadowrun again, after like seventeen years. That is pretty significant, because Shadowrun was my introduction to the urban fantasy genre, and has had a lot of influence on my work. I'm getting back into it with my friend Ross, and a new group of college-age guys. Also, they are all registered sex offenders, so that's a relief. What? You'd rather I play with unregistered perverts? Sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere.

8. Next and nowhere near least, my beautiful (and patient) wife Amanda and I celebrated our sixth (?) anniversary last month. Yay for us. Well, for me. Between us, I think I got the better end of the bargain. Still, you can help me make her suffering worth while by purchasing many copies of my book when it comes out.

9. My grandfather's birthday was last week. He is my last surviving grandparent. He's a fine man with a huge, loving family. And though I know there is no possible way he's ever going to read this blog, I just want the world to know what a wonderful man Virgil Thompson is.

10. Iron Man II.

Next: Thor. Hell. Yes.

Finally, on a more serious note, I want to add a couple of words about another good man: my father-in-law, Armin. He's in the hospital as I write this, having tests run to see if they can figure out what's going on with his heart. I don't want to go into it too much, but I'll just ask that my friends keep him in their thoughts and prayers (if you pray) and hope for a speedy recovery.

That's all I've got for now, friends. Take care, and I'll try to stay in touch!

Praise Tiamat!

--Sean P.
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