Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Band Names for Bands I'll Never Form....

Once again, based on the input (and questionable sanity) of my friends and family, I have concocted another list of band names for bands I will never form.

1. Louie Hughus and the Jews - Just thought this one up right now. Don't know why I like it. It would probably work best if at least one member were Jewish, otherwise it might be mistaken as an antisemitic thing.

2. Yankee Doodle Bullshit - Addison suggested this. Actually, he suggested Yankee Doodle Tough Guy Bull Shit, but I shortened it to it's most hilarious parts.

3. The Lesbians - A punk band, but this really only works if they are all (or mostly) men.

4. Wind Machine - This is the name of this fan I've got blowing in my bedroom. Just looks like it would be a good name for a techno-industrial group.

5. Where Dead Angels Lie - Named after a song by the late Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection. This wouldn't be a death/black metal band, but they would specialize in all acoustic + clean vocal renditions of death and black metal songs, including the one for which the band was named. This is actually a serious suggestion: I think it's a cool idea.

6. Powerhead - Some kind of crazy cosmic rock throwback band with a late 70s, early 80s vibe without all the glam rock. Think Monster Magnet visuals with Cathedral attitude and tone.

7. Dr.Y? - I haven't figured out what this band would sound like. They would probably suck.

8. Skankshock - Something like Pigface or RevCo, kind of that dirty industrial-aggro that I like so much.

9. The Elliot Ness Monster - I know what you're thinking: Scottish-themed Celtic-punk rock. No, but that is a terrible idea. Rather, this would be a Chicago style blues-rock band.

10. Thanocrat - Old fashioned blackened death metal, along the lines of Behemoth and Naglfar.