Saturday, August 21, 2010

BIG NEWS!!! ...that I can't tell you.

YEAH! Big news that I can't tell any of you. SORRY! That's how this shit works. Just trust me, if you knew you'd be happy. Because it's awesome. And yes, it regards publication. NO, I have not been given an offer. Yet. But, we're getting close. SO close...

Anyway, I can't just leave you hanging and not give you something. A couple of bits of news about my agent. First, Cari will be at the Killer Nashville convention on August 20-21. She'll be offering advice, hearing pitches, and selling our books--and having lots of fun! If you're there, tell her Sean said hi! Another thing for you all is an interview my agent Cari did for The Examiner.

Also, the Tribe website has been updated so that you can leave comments on the individual author's page! So, pop by and say something flattering about me. I can take it, I promise. Don't be afraid to check out all the other fine authors and talents represented by TribeLit while you're there!

While we're on the subject of flattery, there is a great deal of it due to my friend and fellow TribeLit author, Luke Romyn. Luke's book: The Dark Path received a stellar review by all the beautiful people at Bitten By Books! Swing by and take a look at the review, then buy and read The Dark Path! Tiamat wills it!