Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Assorted Formspring Questions pt. 6

Who would win in a fight between Barnabas Collins & Dracula from 'Blood for Dracula'? Either version of Barnabas is fine.

Barnabas Collins. BfD's Dracula was pretty close to useless. He was taken down by a rapist Guido with a wood axe.

can dragons get the clap, and if so, instead of burning when they pee, would it just be straight up fire?

No. Dragons don't get human diseases.

...and no: there isn't a dragon strain of the clap.

if you could throw it in any of your characters, animal or male or whatever, which would it be and why?

Aoni'a. For obvious reasons: she can look like anyone she wants (or anyone I want) and I don't have to worry about hurting her because even in human form dragons are really, really tough. Like, "shotgun-blast to the face standing" tough. I can't think of anything I would want to do to a woman sexually that would come anywhere close to shooting her in the face with a shotgun, so we'd be good.

Do have a tumblr? It's a social network site.

YES! http://seanpoindexter-author.tumblr.com/ is my profile. Feel free to add me!

If Sam Beckett & Al each have perfect memory, then there are no reruns of Quantum Leap. Yes?

Sam and Al don't have perfect memories. Sam has a photographic memory, but that isn't the same as perfect memory. Al doesn't have a photographic memory. Either way, I don't get how this concludes with a lack of reruns of the show.

What do you think of Olivia Munn on The Daily Show?

I think she should have shown her boobs in that Playboy shoot. It's just stupid that she didn't. I mean, I don't think a woman should have to pose for Playboy: that's everyone's choice. But if you're going to pose for Playboy, you should show your boobs. Those are the rules. Like, I would NEVER do a photo shoot for Playgirl. Not with the body I have now. But if i did, you better believe I'd show my ass. It just wouldn't be fair not too.

I think my cat might be a communist?

Why is there a question mark at the end of that?

IF @ the end of ep Sam is shown leaping into previous ep then you can imagine that he's back in that character @ the same point as b4. Thus he & Al need to do everything same as b4 or they might mess up the timeline. IF they have perfect memory this works

Only if Kurt Vonnegut is writing the episode.

Would would you say is your greatest fear

Losing my teeth.

Would it be considered prostitution (& therefore illegal) if a woman had sex w/ me in exchange for writing an essay for her?

Not in most States. Prostitution covers only sex for money, or physical item of value given in lieu of money: drugs, jewelry, gold coins, etc. Most places don't consider sex for a service prostitution, like blowing the mechanic for a new set of brakes or giving concert security a handjob for letting you backstage. Morally it's prostitution, but legally it's iffy: if you make dinner for your girlfriend and she's so impressed and flattered that she has sex with you, is that prostitution?

How "big" are you?

6'1'', about 230 lbs. Why, are you casting a commercial?

Do you ever worry about reusing a turn of phrase or descriptive wording?

No. If it happens, it happens. If you stress over every single word while you're writing, you'll never get anything done. Remember: it doesn't have to be perfect when you're writing it, and you're going to tear it apart a thousand times editing and re-writing. Don't get caught up making it perfect when you're doing your first draft.

Have you ever thought about doing something like a podcast or regular youtube videos? It'd get you in touch w/ more people & if you posted on youtube you might even get partnership. You'd do way better than a lot people out there if you know who I mean.

Yeah, I've been planning on doing something like that for a little while. I'll try to start in January.

Given a choice what science fiction show would you resurrect? It doesn't matter how old it is, as long as it was a TV series or mini series.


How would you define a 'major rewrite' that a publisher might ask for?

I haven't gotten to this point yet so I can't say for certain. But, I would think a major rewrite would entail making a drastic change to the manuscript. Examples would be changing (or removing) a major plot point, changing the POV (1st to 3rd, or in reverse) or reworking it for a different target audience, i.e. making it for young adult by removing (or toning down) adult content.

Why can't I call people online an 'idiot' when they are, in fact, being an idiot?

I don't know...why can't you?

Do you edit your work as you write or do you come back later to do that?

I do very little editing as I write, because I'm focused more on getting the story done than on mechanical issues. Also, I've been known to change things as I write, so it helps to have the whole story done before I start editing it so I can make the changes earlier in the story so it all works out.

Why did SNL's Best of Chris Kattan only include a few seconds of the famed Christopher Lowell skit? Why do none of the other relevant SNL 'Best of' eps have it? It's one of SNL's best. Why the hell isn't it there? Do they give fuckall about quality?!?

Hey, here is a question: why is there a "SNL: Best of Chris Kattan" at all? That's kind of like a "Star Trek: Best of that one lady who replaced Dr. Crusher for like a season or something," clip show.

Did you get it? The cat communist one?


Has there always been a Void? Could a living creature ever survive there? What about the Netherfell?

The Void exists outside of time, so to say it has always been there is as inaccurate as saying it never was. All that is known about the connection of space-time in the Void is that different parts of it connect to our plane in different times and places. A living creature from our plane could theoretically survive in the Void, but they would be changed by it. And when/where they emerged once they escaped would be impossible to predict.

The Netherfell is a pocket dimension that serves as a gate between Earth and several of the few stable, consistent portals to the Void. Humans could survive there, but the chaotic influence of the Void would probably change them if they lacked any protection from it...assuming they didn't get killed by something there. It's a dangerous place.