Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Feature at KotD: Free STUFF!

I've added a rewards program to the blog. I will be adding it to my website, eventually. For now, I'm testing it out here. Basically, you sign in to my blog through Facebook (no registration required, other than having a Facebook page) and you earn rewards. This isn't a scam, I promise. Here is how it works (you can click the pictures to make them bigger):

On the blog you'll see a little red ribbon in the upper left, like this:

When you click it, you'll get this screen that will ask you to sign in with Facebook:

Assuming you already have a Facebook page (which everyone on Earth does except my dad) click it and this happens:

After you click ALLOW, it will take you to the points leaderboard, showing you how many points you've earned compared to other participants: Every day you return, just click the REWARDS ribbon on the upper left corner like in the first screen and you'll get 100 more points!

You also have the option to click LIKE on my Facebook Fan Page. If you've already done this, you'll immediately earn the points. You can only do this once, though. You can't unlike and then re-like to get the points. I tried. However, you can leave a message on my Fan Page wall for points, and this can be done as many times as you like.

Now, for my friends out there reading this, I KNOW that your instinct is going to be to troll the hell out of my page with posts about dragons humping cars and sex with two-headed women. I respect that. However, I am requesting that in this circumstance, you refrain. This is actually my professional Facebook presence. If you want to troll me (which, I encourage) you're free to do so on my personal Facebook page, or my Formspring account. For this, feel free to post book, movie and review recommendations, or even a link to your own Facebook Fan Page or Twitter if you have one. Any posts considered offensive or pointless will be removed by the administrator (trust me, you don't want to mess with her) and may get you banned from the group. I don't mean to be a hardass here, but this is my livelihood. If people drop my Fan Page because of something offensive, then they probably won't buy my book when it comes out. So, please...don't do that.

Okay, now that I've got THAT out of the way....

You can ALSO get 100 points a day for leaving a comment on a blog post! Scroll to the bottom of a post and click comment if the comment option isn't already open. If it is, just leave a comment like "hello!" or "nice blog!" or "GO DIE!" and you'll get 100 points. At this time, those are the only ways to earn points. According to the reward program website, they will be adding other ways to earn, Tweets and so on. I'll make sure everyone knows when those become available.

Back to the rewards screen, If you click the CATALOG tab at the top, you'll get a list of the things you can redeem points for.

Right now, I'm using the basic prizes provided by the reward program sponsor. In the future, I'll be replacing these with more relevant items, like copies of my book and stuff from my Praise Tiamat store. I'll also offer other promotional items, but right now I'm sticking with the basic stuff to see how this works. Yes, it takes a lot of points to earn a $5 coupon from Best Buy...but since you get 100 points just for visiting and clicking the REWARDS tab each day, you're basically getting paid for doing close to nothing. And as I said, I'll offer better stuff in the future.

When you're all done, you can go back to my blog. To close the rewards tab, click the little X in the upper right hand corner:

And then you're good to go!

I hope everyone enjoy participating in this. Let me know if there are any problems or irregularities. This is new for me, and I wanted to test it out and get it going before my book came out. If you're interested in adding this to your own site or blog, the program is called PunchTab, and it's free.