Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Shadow of Tiamat is ALIVE!!!

The Kindle edition of The Shadow of Tiamat is available for sale. You don't have to own a Kindle to read it this way, you can download it and read it on your computer or iPhone or any other number of devices with this free app from Amazon. You can also pre-order The Shadow of Tiamat - Print Edition.

The BAD news--well, it's not really bad per se, just kind of funny--is that Amazon has garbled the title of the book so that, as of this morning, it appears on their website as DARGON'S BLOOD CHRONICLES. Don't anyone blow a gasket, this was an honest mistake. PLEASE STOP SENDING ANGRY EMAILS TO MY PUBLISHER. I appreciate your passion for my work, but you aren't helping. This will get fixed. This was apparently a mix up between the distributor and Amazon. These things happen. (update: as of noon Dec 07, the typo has been fixed.)

Some more good news, I now have an Amazon Author Page. And my book is on Goodreads -- albeit, with the wrong title but what can you do?

So, you can start ordering, adding stars and reviews, whatever you want now. The book is for sale! Hooray! We're finally there, guys! Don't let one minor hitch derail this. When you recommend the book to your friends, just let them know that there is a misprint on the title on Amazon but that the title is correct on the book.