Monday, April 12, 2010

Anonymous Formspring Fun is Back...Mostly

Due to overwhelming (and persuasive) demand, I am now re-allowing anonymous queries through my Formspring account. However, there is a caveat: you must sign-in to leave a question, which you can do with your Facebook account--but you can ask questions anonymously. So, I won't know who you are, unless you choose to leave your name.

If the offending party returns and starts talking shit, I can block him/her/it even if I don't know who I'm blocking. This way, everyone get's what they want: my friends get to keep asking me if I'd ever have sex with a girl while dressed as Count Chocula; and I don't have to deal with trolls and morlocks who can't let things go after so many freakin' years.

To the latter I say, "Grow up and move on," and to the former I say, "I don't think I could get the teeth right."

So, let the goofiness resume!