Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Formspring: What's the most anti-climatic end (or part) to a story you've ever read?

Just read? Or do movies count? What about TV shows?

If books only, then Michael Crichton's Sphere. So, people from the future not only have a time machine, but a device that can bring whatever you imagine into existence...and so they send this fantasy-to-reality device three centuries into the past and to the bottom of the ocean FOR SOME REASON and without an instruction manual for the device. Then when the hapless crew of jackasses realize what they've found, they choose to destroy it and remove the power it has given them because they don't know how to use the device...RATHER than "imagine" an instruction manual and/or a more manageable device into existence--except the one chick who MAY have used the power to make herself hotter.

If movies count, it's hard to beat the way Merlin didn't at all fight Mab at the end of Merlin. What the hell was that? Everyone just turned and stopped believing in her, so she lost all her powers and died? WHAT?!? So, you're telling me that everyone in the world who believed in Mab was right there with Merlin at that very moment, AND that they were all able to deactivate their knowledge of her existence so suddenly and quickly that she wasn't able to hurl a few lightning bolts into the crowd, thus affirming her existence to the bolt-stricken jackasses pulling this asinine maneuver?

If we're also including television programs, I'd have to add the last episode of X-Files. A two hour clip show? Really? You sons-of-whores capped off one of the greatest shows in television history with a fucking CLIP SHOW? You already pissed me off by killing my favorite characters (The Lone Gunmen in the episode titled Jump the Shark) in the most anti-climactic, frivolous manner possible...bringing them back as part of Mulder cast of dead-but-still-helpful team of ghost/delusions was a real kick to the tit. The only way Carter could make me angrier is if he made another X-Files movie and didn't include Agents Doggett and Reyes. Oh, wait...he totally did that two years ago. At least there is some hope of a return to the as-yet-unsolved alien invasion storyline, and the other two FBI agents.