Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Heart New Zealand!

I was just informed by a friend that my blog and book excerpt was mentioned on a morning show in New Zealand: Good Morning. This happened a little over a month ago. Apparently, one of the contributors to the show found my blog late one night and read an excerpt from my book. He seemed to like it, according to what I heard.

At left is a picture of the exchange I had with a friend in NZ about the episode. Maureen is a writer, too.

I only found out about this because I whined about not being famous enough. I should whine more often! Why hasn't my book been published and made into a movie yet? I hate the tile in my kitchen! My student loans exist!

Seriously, thanks, New Zealand morning show! It is much appreciated! If anyone out there knows the name of (or is) the reviewer that mentioned me, get in touch with me. I'd love to have a copy of the clip to share with everyone! And I'll make sure you get a signed copy of the book for your help!

"Al, the blood of these whores is killing me!"
P.S. That pic there is my Xbox Live avatar. The full monty is on the right there. Cute, right? It creeps out my friends how much like me he looks. I'm on Xbox Live as "Blood 4 Bacula" if you ever want to find out how I suck at Halo deathmatch.

Update: I'm not longer Blood 4 Bacula. My Xbox live handle is now Robolshevik.