Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ross Gipson - Wounded Town


This is my best friend Ross. He's got an amazing voice and an unparallelled talent for rhyme and verse. He wrote a song for Joplin after the storm called Wounded Town. You can buy this from Reverb Nation, Amazon or iTunes. All proceeds for the purchase of this song go to helping rebuild Joplin and Joplin schools after the tornado. My friend Aaron Moore plays on Wounded Town, also. Check him out. You should buy some of Ross' other music, too. All proceeds from the sale of his other songs go to helping Ross buy food and shelter.

I was actually with Ross during the Joplin Tornado. He and my wife and I hid in an interior bathroom in our house and waited as the storm passed. We were fine, and our house wasn't damaged, but the devastation started just a few blocks over. It was surreal. We get tornados a lot around Joplin, but they very rarely do much serious damage. We expected this one to be about the same. We had no idea we were sitting less than a quarter of a mile from such a powerful, historic storm.