Thursday, September 8, 2011

Election 2012: Not Doing This

With the impending election and all the issues it's likely to bring, some of you might be excited or interested to hear how I'm planning to get involved this time. Well, here is how: I'm sitting this one out, haas. 

You all know me pretty well. You know where I stand on things like the death penalty (for), gun control (against), gay marriage (for), Glenn Beck breathing (against) so there really isn't much point in me getting involved with politics this time around. Maybe if the political issues has a direct connection to my book (like, for instance, they raise taxes on royalties or change copyright laws) I'm might weigh in. But otherwise, if you want to know what I think you'll just have to ask me privately or through my personal Facebook page.

Also, my first book will be out by then, and I'll be really busy promoting it. And I don't want to alienate potential readers. Yes, I guess I'm chickening out. Whatever. This is my first book and I'm not going to screw it up. Maybe when I'm famous and comfortable, I'll make my craven return to politics. Maybe not. Until then, I'll save my political and social commentary for close friends. Also, my publisher is doing a lot of really hard work to get my book out there, and they are taking a HUGE chance on me. I'm not going to risk the time, effort and money they've sunk into me tanking sales of my book (which, by the way, is completely apolitical) for dubious political gain. For the record: NO, Crescent Moon Press has not asked me to refrain from political commentary. This is my decision.

POV photo of me, sitting this one out, haas.
Also, I am SO SICK OF POLITICS. It's really just gotten stupid out there. I mean, seriously...we have one party that has no idea how to accomplish anything and another that is firmly committed to opposing anything the other party incompetently attempts to accomplish. Which one is which? You figure that out. Because I'm not getting involved. I might make a little jibe or jest here and there, or point and laugh at something particularly absurd (the bar has been raised, trust me) but as far as impelling everyone to vote of this guy or that lady, for this or against that...nope. Not doing it. Because really, is anything I say going to change your mind? If you agree with me, then I'm wasting my time and yours explaining why we're right. If we disagree, then you can (and probably will) brush me off as biased, naive, bitter, cynical, lazy...whatever, take your pick--on any given day I'm one or more of the above so you're probably right.

And, really, the bottom line is this: I don't want to change your mind. I want you to figure things out for yourselves. And if that takes you to a different place than me, that's okay. I don't mind. I'll still like you, either way. Unless you're a Nazi, then you can fuck off. But short of that...I'm okay with you. And yes, I AM going to vote. I always vote.


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