Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stuff You Should Read: Blog Posts by Lynn Rush, Andrew Wood, Fred Doss and Randy Turner.

Tiamat wills you to read these blogs. You know how she gets...

This first one is my friend and fellow Crescent Moon Press author Lynn Rush. She's guest blogging at Writer's Digest about cross-gender POV. And be sure to check out her awesome new book Wasteland!

This next one is by a new friend, British writer Andrew Wood. He's been super supportive since meeting just days ago on a Mark Charan Newton fan page. This particular post is about one of my favorite subjects...ME!

Next up is my actor friend Fred Doss. Fred and I go waaaaay back--we went to college together, longer ago than either of us would care to admit. Anyway, he's been doing this blog run where he watches a new movie every day for a year and posts about it. Check it out.

And finally: Randy Turner is a fellow Joplin author and educator. He co-authored 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado, which is on my to-read list and, if you're interested in the devastation many of us lived through, should be on yours as well.

Okay, I guess I should also blow my own horn a little. Here is a guest post by yours truly on the Crescent Moon Press blog.

I'll do another one of these in a week or so, showcasing blogs by friends and people I follow.